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  • Isoperla Wildlife Apps English
  • Tree Id: Identify trees of France
  • Bird Id: Identify birds of France
  • Bird Song Id: Identify birds of France by their songs and calls
  • Isoperla nature apps France

Bird Song Id with Automatic Recognition

Wildlife Apps for France

Our aim at Isoperla is to bring people together with nature using our range of wildlife apps for mobile devices.

Isoperla are the leading developers of wildlife apps and have been making creative and elegant native device field guides since 2007.

Automatic Recognition

Isoperla are reinventing wildlife field guides for the mobile age with Automatic Recognition.

Bird Song Id identifies bird species from songs picked out of the air using the device microphone, like Shazam but for birds.

Bird Song Id a short film by Isoperla on Vimeo.

We only use content that is created by published ecologists, and specialist photographers. We use quantitative statistics for species identification, our KUSAM method was developed specifically for mobile devices.

Users can keep a spatial record of their sightings on a map and share them with others.


Isoperla work with conservation charities and expert content providers to bring professional images and published quality text to mobile platforms.

We are always seeking partnerships with professional content providers. If you are a conservation charity or publisher of wildlife field guides please get in touch.

Mobile Technology Experts

We specialise in iOS and Android and have a comprehensive understanding of the technologies underpinning these platforms. We use a blend of agile and traditional techniques to build robust well architected software.

We have our own highly functional application framework which supports seamless server integration, data synchronisation, mapping, geolocation and custom user interface controls.

Form Maker Range

Isoperla have also developed a set of apps that allow users to create their own apps, forms & surveys.

These apps make it easy to create native device applications without the need to employ programmers, join developer programs or pay subscriptions.

For more information visit our Form Maker site.

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